Flicker Theatre and Bar

Help support your favorite neighborhood bar by buying our shirts or to-go drinks for curb-side pick-up Monday thru Saturday 5-7pm. Follow us on facebook Flicker Bar for Virtual Shows.

Offering Draft Beer & Seltzer To-Go with our Signature Frose to-go, and wine and beer by the bottle or can.

We are using masks, gloves, Lysol wipes, and wiping down surfaces frequently while you order from the table on our porch. No one but the same five employees have been near the product since March 15th.

Also bike delivery starting April 25th for $5 to limited areas on Saturday (Normaltown, Boulevard, NewTown, Five Points, and Forest Heights Area.) Must be 21 and older to order.

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Order here to help support your local bar. Curbside pick up Monday through Saturday 5-7pm. Must present picture ID for pick-up. We are using masks, gloves, lysol wipes, and infectious precautions to be sure your pick-up experience is a safe one. Please order here online for a touch-less pick-up.

Your Downtown Living Room

A Creative space

Hosting a variety of live music acts, art installations, and cult movie nights, Flicker has been home to the local scene since 2000.


Our friendly bartenders serve up delicious beverages as your celebrate your time with friends and family. We have a wide selection of spirits, craft beers, wines, ciders, and mocktails. Recently we added local blended herbal teas and kombucha to benefit your health.