Events for the end of 2020

This year has been quite the long haul. From starting off 2020 with a bang to being shut down for two and a half months, to learning how to survive the slow drag through the months following. The quick conversion to online shops and fast acting permission from the Mayor to sell beer and wine unopened along with growlers of beer, has made a huge difference for us. Recently, we started booking private date nights in the theatre to offer a place away from home, thats safe and relatively empty. Our new side patio has been super helpful along with the occasional space out front on the weekends. we even have giant propane heater now as well.

Our website offers t-shirts, and soon will offer retro hoodies and the ole Flicker emblem. We also have new features of adding beer unopened or in a growler for carry away. Wine and the FRose slushee can be purchased in growler form as well. When I heard that Pouch Pies had closed, I was so sad. Then I learned they had relocated and were selling them frozen at the Farmers Market. Well that disappointment turned to excitement when we reached out and found they could deliver and sell wholesale. This year has been quite the adventure.

With learning that the virus was mostly spread from air droplets, we knew we could not have live shows for a while. With a little help from Escape the Space, we decided to start offering Private Theatre rentals for small groups. These Date Nights could allow people from the same quarantine groups to hang out downtown Athens, GA and order drinks while watching their favorite TV show, movie, or sports show. It’s a place away from home for hanging out and getting a change of scenery. This private event space could be a way to save our venue. Hopefully we will be booking private events downtown Athens, GA for the foreseeable future.

Garden Seating

After a few more weeks of realizing we were not bouncing back as students returned and locals stayed home, we decided to expand outdoors. Our new patio features two propane heaters for winter, along with 8 Adirondack chairs and two cafe tables and sets of chairs. This space has been decorated with cafe lights and firefly solar lights in the crepe myrtle that shades the garden. Come out and enjoy our new outdoor patio area in downtown Athens, GA. It is super private Monday and Tuesday as our neighbor Iron Factory has been closed those days. We have cult movie viewings and occasionally a firepit. Enjoy this nice little patio area soon! Outside is so much safer.

Hopefully, things will return to normal and our music events will be better than ever. The loss of Live music has been more devastating to our community’s health than any other aspect beyond the virus itself. Let’s hold the vision of a new and amazing way of living in 2021. Stay safe Athens, we love you and hope to be able to crowd inside for a live show very soon.