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Art Auction Fundraiser

Flicker Theatre and Bar has been a great space to host your art show with a rotating display of local artists every month for two decades. We have been blessed with an art auction from some of our fabulous local artists and more. Please submit your bid for whichever piece to If you are interested in hosting your own art show in the upcoming months, please email

Starting bid $20. Jill Carnes is an amazing artists and Athens local. She has been sharing her creative genius for decades. She loves cats, and love to draw and paint. 💖
“The Goddesses”
Starting bid $25 each one or $65 for all three.
Michelle Leipold has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a pencil and paint brush. She grew up in Snellville and now lives in Asheville with her four kids and hubby. Her fantastic artwork graces ceilings, sides or buildings and canvases all over the USA. She encourages creative expression in everyone she meets especially in her childhood friend, Kim Naugle Long who is a co-owner of Flicker. Follow her on instagram @MichelleinAsheville. Her healing lotions, soaps and balms are divine, check her offerings there.
“From Morning into Night”
starting bid $80
Lydia Sera
This elegant artwork was donated by Lydia from out of town. We are super grateful for her beautiful piece. It’s framed in a lovely glass frame and ready to hang in your home. Check out more of her lovely artwork at and
“Happy Meal”
starting bid $15
Artist Bio: The Fuse Muse is a local artist active in the Free Art for Athens Community (Follow #fafath y’all!).  She makes her works using fuse beads, hot glue, ribbon, glitter, Christmas decorations, pretty much whatever she can find in her house.  You can find all of her work on her Instagram @thefusemuse and contact her at

“Wee Flow”
starting bid $10 each alone or $25 all three
Krysia Ara mosaic art can be seen all over downtown on the light posts on west end. She has adorned the Botanical Gardens playground with educational mosaics and is working on even more! Own a piece of her mosaics for your home. These are 4.5”x2”.
“Grandmother’s Hands”
starting bid $35
Add a Krysia Ara art piece to your home!
starting bid $35
Add some mosaic sky to your home. Another Krysia Ara piece! 💖
“Chris Ellenberg”
Ryan Perry’s amazing artwork can be yours for only $75. Make a bid. This incredibly life-like rendering is amazing to see in person. The lighting and brush strokes are genius. It’s an acrylic on canvas.
“The Sentimentalist”
starting bid $75
James Greer’s an incredibly detailed artist mostly working in pen with hyper detail. This photo doesn’t do the artwork justice. The micro pen strokes and tiny detail are worth an in-person view. His artwork carries such weight and magical power. Take this home for starting bid of $75. The blue is from the reflection off the ATM, deepest apologies for the camarera work here.
“This Is Us”
starting bid $50
Jeremy Long aka Flickskinny
This piece was designed and painted for the Halloween art show last year. While it’s one of his favorites, it’s also his bar he is trying to save. So Jeremy is willing to part with this work for the right price. Make an offer to have this glorious twist on Hollywood in your home. This is acrylic on wood.

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