Flicker’s History

We are famous! We just celebrated our 20 year anniversary with a huge party. The free celebratory shows from Scott Spillane, Elf Power, Deep State and Dj Mahogany were a big success. Big thanks to everyone who performed and come out to celebrate. Read more in the Flagpole article here.

Since opening in 2000, Flicker has had a few different parents, and we all hold the same vision, keeping a community space to enjoy the arts of Athens, Georgia. We have such a talented community and holding space for the artists, musicians, and performers is our goal. Visit us, support the dream of keeping downtown magical. We have survived massive property tax hikes and worked hard to evolve with the raising costs of being downtown. But we can’t survive without you.

The current crew of staff for Flicker includes several families. When you visit Flicker, you support not only the artists, musicians, and dreamers, you support a local family with a new baby, a local family with a young child, a local family with two children, several talented musicians, artists and more. Our Flicker family is large and appreciates the love and support of our community. Without you we would not have such a great place to celebrate what makes Athens great.